The Who? Our Audience


Understanding the why and mission, helps us to identify those different groups people within our community.


The Community Group

Those in the Community Group is any non-churched person who lives within a realistic driving distance to our church. Spiritually, this person is committed to living apart from Jesus.


The Crowd Group

Those in the Crowd Group is anyone who attends our worship service. These make up our regular attendees and are both Christians and non-Christians. Spiritually, this person is committed to hearing about Jesus. 


The Congregation Group

Those in the Congregation Group is one who gets involved in our mid-week Bible study type small group. Spiritually, this person is committed to a personal relationship with Jesus and other believers.


The Committed Group

Those in the Committed Group is growing through developing habits (spiritual disciplines) such as personal Bible study, prayer, accountability with another believer, scripture memorization, and giving. This person is committed to growing on his or her own in Jesus.


The Core Group

Those in the Core Group are those who has discovered his or her giftedness, is serving in a ministry, and shows an understanding and expression of evangelism. This person is committed to serving and sharing the good news.


Intentional Discipleship Plan


Moving People from the Community Group to Core Group.

Why? Our Vision

Reach is our Word for Evangelism.

Honor is our word for Worship.

Connect is our Word for Fellowship.

Grow is our word for Discipleship.

Discover is our word for Ministry.


Who? Our Audience

Community Group

Crowd Group

Congregation Group

Committed Group

Core Group



Knowing the why and the who helps us to create ministries and events throughout the year that reach our audience groups.


The How? Our Ministries

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